Java Development

Being on the market since 2010, we are positioned as trusted Java development company with the clients all over the world.

Java consulting services

We have expertise in all the latest Java frameworks and technologies. Contact us to get the best result on your project.

  • Enterprise Solutions

    Experience quality

    Our Java/J2EE Enterprise Solutions/IT Services enable organizations to identify and implement IT solutions that give them sustainable competitive advantage, enhance business performance and maximize return on investments (ROI).


    • Custom development of secure, scalable and reliable applications.
    • Application migration.
    • Maintenance and enhancement of existing applications.
    • Development of interfaces with 3rd party systems.
    • Technical solutions implementing Java.
    • Resolve problems faced in applying Java technology.
    • Building competency in chosen application servers and services.
    • Developing reusable components that can be used across projects.
    • Custom Software Development using J2EE platform.
    • Migration of existing application to and from J2EE platform.
    • Building web applications, web stores.



    We deliver innovative next generation e-Business Applications in J2EE using SOA framework tailored to the specific client needs. We have expertise in architecture design, business modeling, development and testing, application support as well as legacy migration to J2EE platform.

  • Android Development

    Mobile applications

    Utilizing Android SDK and third-party tools, we deliver custom applications for Android-based mobile devices. We also help you to upgrade legacy mobile software.


    Wearable applications

    We build standalone applications for wearable devices with Android Wear that help access a wide range of sensors and other hardware directly from the wearable device.


    Desktop applications

    Android point-of-sale solutions with sales, payment processing, and inventory support. We transform devices into multi-purpose information terminals with Android Kiosk.


  • Java for Internet of Things



    Java hardware programming

    As a Java development company with extensive hardware expertise, we utilize Java Embedded Platform, including Java SE Embedded and Java Embedded Suite, to create portable IoT applications for edge devices. With device and OS agnostic Java Platform supporting popular IoT protocols (MQTT, IETF CoAP, OMA Lightweight M2M) and gateways, our solutions ensure device connectivity, management and remote control capabilities.

    IoT backend

    Yotec creates software systems receiving, organizing and processing streams of device data, integrates it with enterprise applications. Using Java Client Library, we ensure interaction of Java-enabled devices with cloud and analytical platforms.

    Client application development

    Utilizing custom IoT backend solutions or Java API of existing IoT platforms, Yotec delivers mobile and web applications for customer and industrial IoT enabled through SDKs and APIs.

Java app development

Engineering of platform-agnostic web, embedded applications and enterprise software.

Maintenance & support

All-round maintenance, troubleshooting and enhancement of Java-based applications.

App porting to Java

Cross-technology migration of disparate components to Java, in order to get a unified solution.

  • Yotec was very easy to work with. They managed to fit our project into our extremely tight schedule. I do plan to work with them again in the future.
    Mark Johnson
    Head of Technology
  • A massive thanks from me and us too. We’re really proud of the site, and that the fact that we HAVE kicked our competitors backsides into next year.
    Rachel Brown
    Head of Marketing