Today let’s discuss services that are designed to help only programmers. Every day there are more and more such services, and we have placed the most interesting of them in a new selection.


This AI assistant was trained on the code of GitHub, as a result he became a “specialist” in the code of 80 programming languages ​​at once. In general, the project team calls it an open source analogue of GitHub Copilot, with its own goodies. In particular, the authors believe that StarCoder is superior to most other developer assistants.

When training neurons, experts used a huge amount of code, technical documentation, plus issues from GitHub. Thus, the assistant is aware of almost any issues that are somehow related to the development. If you need something extra, you can finish teaching the assistant by customizing it for yourself.

Blackbox AI

This programmer assistant works with over 20 programming languages, including popular programming languages ​​such as Python, Java, C, C++, C#, JavaScript, SQL, PHP, Go, TypeScript, Kotlin, MATLAB, R, Swift, Rust, Ruby, Dart and Scala. True, unlike the previous assistant, this project is paid. Its cost is relatively small – from $2.99 ​​to $49.99 per year. Before paying for an AI assistant, you can test it without money for 5 days.

It is compatible with VS Code, Github Codespaces, Jupyter Notebook, Paperspace. If you have additional questions, the neuron will help you in the chat.

According to the project team, Blackbox AI can provide:

  • intelligent code completion
  • code generation on the fly – just ask a question in a comment
  • search through 100+ million repositories
  • extract code from any video

Judging by the reviews, the assistant does not cope very well with some tasks, but in most cases it is able to simplify the life of the developer.


A specific AI assistant , which is “sharpened” for the generation of applications and services based on artificial intelligence. With it, you can, for example, quickly create a chat bot – for personal purposes or for a company. The project team offers a lot of interesting solutions that are available at this link. An example is:

  • a selection of personalized gifts for a specific person
  • search for cocktails according to your mood: if you want to relax – the neuron will pick up one cocktail, have fun – another
  • blog content generator
  • creating a detailed plot for a movie or clip
  • product description generation


Another specialized assistant, which is designed to find and fix bugs and vulnerabilities in the code written by the developer. The project is compatible with GitHub, BitBucket and GitLab plus supports most popular languages ​​including Python, Javascript, Typescript, C++, C and Java. It offers the following features:

  • recommendations for code optimization
  • search for vulnerabilities
  • finding and fixing bugs
  • code refactoring automation 


Assistant, which is designed to debug Python scripts. It is based on ChatGPT 4, but if necessary, you can upgrade to ChatGPT 3.5. Assistant runs scripts. If any problem is detected, then the script is checked using a neural network. Then, if the problem is localized, the assistant makes changes. The advantage of the assistant is that the script will be checked and corrected until it works.


A very worthy project that tests the code of an Android application developer. It checks the written code using a specialized plugin for Chrome. Compatible with JIRA, Github, Slack and Zendesk, while working generates reports with graphs at the request of the user. All this can be exported to Excel/Google Sheet in one click.

The strength of the assistant is that it is free – if the company has less than 5 programmers, then you do not need to pay. If more, only $5 per month is charged.


The assistant is able to explain the nuances of complex code – for example, if you need to quickly parse someone else’s code. The authors of the project say that the assistant will be useful for both beginners and experienced developers. It is especially useful for those who are starting to work with a new language or framework. You can work with it in two forms – as a plugin either for VS Code or for the Chrome browser.

Compatible with StackOverflow and GitHub, able to “remember” sections of code for future work. A very useful project, try it!

AI Website Builder

And this assistant is very useful for those developers who need to quickly create a web application or service based on the most popular WordPress CMS and the Elementor editor. The assistant is implemented as a constructor, which, upon request (text instructions), can generate a site along with content – both text and pictures.

Then, if something needs to be “finished”, the AI ​​version of Elementor comes into play. Provides a blueprint and widgets that enhance the functionality of a web application or service. In addition, the designer can generate his own WordPress theme, taking as an example the site the user likes.


The latest AI assistant for today , which will be extremely useful for designers. He can create a stylish icon from a small sketch, literally from a child’s drawing. By uploading his sketch, the user receives several dozens of drawing options generated by the assistant. Then you can choose the one you like and modify it if necessary.

Well, that’s all for today. If you have your own options for developer AI assistants, tell us about them in the comments – for all of us, such information can be extremely useful.