Very often our clients ask us to explain the difference between classic ASP.NET and ASP.NET MVC. And here I would like to share the post of Celine Smith “5 Areas where ASP.Net MVC Scores Over ASP.Net”

Technology is creating new ripples, reaching new avenues and powering waves of change. ASP.NET MVC Development is a testimony to this fact, as for an ambitious business undertaking, this platform can give you the most dynamic and action-packed solutions.

Shifting your website application development to ASP .NET has always proved to be a fruitful exercise, thanks to the extensive number of web applications it powers your web development architecture with. But despite the innumerable benefits, you must be bothered by questions like, can I make the web development process better? Am I missing out on something? Well, because of the fact technology keeps evolving, you probably are right when you are wondering if there is something you haven’t paid attention to. And innovation has been raging ever since the term for it was coined, making way for a platform that offers you even more options, making your solutions more viable to the consumers. ASP.NET MVC3 Development has equipped users with several advantages over ASP.Net. It has branched out of its foundation and experimented with technological aspects that were seemingly out of its reach. Let’s scroll through some of the main points where ASP.NET MVC scores over ASP.NET:

  1. Higher Control: Raising questions over the convenience with which you can create web solutions using ASP.NET won’t be fair. But it doesn’t discount that fact the same solutions developed using the MVC framework of ASP.NET renders you with higher control. This is evident when you are working on HTML pages, which usually ends up being a messy task. But ASP.NET MVC makes the job seamless by adorning the process with functionalities that hand out to you greater control.

  1. Separation of Concerns (SOC): This is one aspect that makes the experience of using ASP.NET an absolutely gratifying one. It is user-centric technique where you create separate segments of your application. This is done so that the resultant segments can scan through the solutions and address each concern individually. When one mentions concern, one refers to a random piece of data that can influence the application code in a negative manner. With the introduction of SOC, you can make your application more embraceable by seamlessly studding its design with more features, enriching its functionality and making sure its results are never widely off the mark. The control becomes conclusively easier and so does the basic understanding of the application. There is now a better structure to the codes and you can put your best foot forward as a designer and programmer.

  1. Test Facilitated During the Development Stage: Raise the ‘What if’ questions to a developer, regarding the bugs that creep into the code during the development stage, and you are going to unsettle all the programming minds around you. Not that they are ill-livered, but the prospect of unpredictable results is always met with a genuine jitter. Having said that, with MVC development, you can keep your code away from harm’s way due to the ability it lends you with to keep testing the code while it is being developed. The most apparent advantages are that you now can identify errors with more efficacy and correct them accordingly, apart from preventing the application from treading unknown territories. With all these contributing factors, you can be rest assured your application does what it is meant to do, and it does it with flamboyance.

  1. Interactive Interface: The interface provided by MVC is characterized with preciseness and interactivity, letting you deliver improved results and classify your current web solution development with greater authority. Injection of new tools to the development environment is made possible and you can integrate the features of third party applications with your application as well.

  1. Brings-in More Organic Traffic: This is an ultimate aim of any webmaster to create something on the Internet that befriends the search engine bigwigs like Google, Yahoo. ASP.NET MVC has search friendly elements that further buoy its value. You can have a set of desired features and customize the URL accordingly, keeping its identification with search engines in mind.

ASP.NET MVC’s prominence over ASP.NET is well-established, owing to the multitude of benefits it offers over its predecessor. Besides the additional features of this new platform, it becomes a worthwhile choice also for the fact that it irons out the drawbacks that come with ASP.NET, like the need of bigger storage space and a lot of time-consuming debugging. .NET MVC Development however would need an expertise. Hire only the best developers to rule out any mediocrity.