Windows Phone 7 platform has just come out, but now it claims to occupy the niche between iPhone and Android.
Together with the platform Microsoft unveiled two commercials and a slogan: It’s time for a phone to save us from our phones.
Windows Phone 7 ideology — the exact opposite of what we saw in the case of a failed project Microsoft Kin. There the emphasis was on some kind of «social networking» (always stay online and connected through social networks), but now the main message is: to stop doing your phone the center of your life, but let your life be the center of your phone.
Regarding the operating system itself, Microsoft is making the emphasis on not very significant at first glance things: integration with xBox Live service, and to the main screen, which is a mosaic of «tiles» which replace the program icons and contain the information coming from different applications (weather, news, meetings, social networks, etc.). The latter, of course, very curious, but is it useful in life as on the picture?

Separately, we should admit that there is now such useful function as copy/paste in the new OS. There were many disputes around it when it was not supported by iPhone OS, and why Microsoft does not learn from the mistakes of competitors, but simply copy them — an enigma. The users will not wait for copy/paste a lot — until next year, when there should come the first update of the system.

Full multitasking is not provided in Windows Phone 7 also. If a user launches another application, the current one will be suspended. An exception is made only for the key Microsoft programs, in particular, the Zune media player and IE browser. Here the system recalls the previous iOS version.

However, you can find a lot of positive things in the Windows Phone 7 too. Despite some ideological similarities with iOS, it does not look like his miserable copy. Moreover, the new platform brings a few interesting features, for example, WI FI synchronization with PC. Many users are waiting for this in the iPhone and Android, but here — out of the box. In addition, the WP7 phones have preinstalled Microsoft Office Mobile package and Zune media player.

Large number of experts think that Windows Phone 7 will not repeat the fate of Kin. Microsoft from the very beginning created a platform, not the OS. Behind this are strict requirements to the hardware: device manufacturers are put in a certain framework, ensuring that every single phone on the Windows Phone 7 platform will meet the high quality standards, regardless of who the manufacturer is. One of such requirements – Snapdragon processor usage.

We can say that much has been borrowed from Apple, but even more – newly invented. And this is a great advantage of Windows Phone 7.  Probably the system’s usability is not so convenient as iOS, but many users will be happy to take the opportunity not to be like everyone else. Windows Mobile 6.5 funeral took place and this step cannot but inspires.