Offshore software outsourcing is becoming more and more popular today.  A lot of companies from North America, Western Europe, Australia and other continents realized that they can get a lot of benefits if they outsource their projects to less developed economies. And that is no surprise as it is well-known that the software development costs are much lower, for example, here in Belarus, but the professional level of software specialists is comparable to the level of in-house specialists. I can write a lot about all the benefits you may get from outsourcing your software development to Belarus, but I would like to tell you a short story which can probably help to make a decision to the companies which are still hesitating whether to outsource software development projects to Belarus or not.

One day I was doing my usual job contacting potential customers and offering them our software development services. I contacted a mid-level marketing agency in Northern Europe which was looking to build a custom CRM for its own purposes. I described all the advantages and benefits the agency could get if they order the development of their CRM from us, the managing director said: “Well everything sounds good and I would have chosen your company for this task if… you were here in my country. We have several software partners here and I believe they will do this task perfectly.” Well, it was obvious that they were convinced that outsourcing was not a good option. Several weeks later another potential partner, software development company in Northern Europe, sent us a request for quote… and to my great surprise this was the CRM system for the agency I had contacted earlier. After a short negotiation process the software company chose us as a subcontractor for the project, we developed it successfully and everybody was very happy (including the marketing agency).

You can make a conclusion from this story that offshore software development is not so risky deal as it may seem and you can save a lot of money if you come to us with your next project. So outsource to Belarus!